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our blood is black : 

client - one blood x pyer moss

context - student project based on master's thesis, 2021

challenge :

there is a severe lack of black blood. while african americans make up 13% of the population, they only make up 1% of the donors. how can we increase the amount of black blood donors?

strategy :

insight :

the largest barrier to bridging the black health gap is the collective black distrust of the medical institution. in order to increase black blood donation, the medical institution must take action to regain the black community's trust.

rebuild trust in medicine by uniting and empowering the black community with a three-pronged approach:


  1. culture

  2. representation

  3. action

Our Blood Is Black cover.001.png

the partnership :

Screen Shot 2021-06-01 at 7.47.24 AM.png

pyer moss is a black-owned luxury fashion brand. social justice is a major tenet of the company. Their platform, exist to resist, is dedicated to “spotlighting important work social justice organizations are doing.”


pyer moss will team up with one blood, one of the nation’s major blood networks, to champion a culture-forward awareness and action campaign. 

the t-shirt (culture) :

pyer moss will collab with one blood to design and manufacture a limited edition t-shirt for the campaign. a portion of the sale proceeds will go back to the campaign fund.

T-Shirts PSD Mockup.jpg
T-Shirt Mock-Up Front.png

celebrity endorsement (culture) :

patient features (representation) :

idris copy.jpg
michael b copy.jpg

@ourbloodisblack will feature new stories on instagram every week from real sickle cell patients.

PSD 3.png
PSD 3.png

community influence (representation) :

doctor’s offices, and clinics in black neighborhoods will become o.b.i.b. ambassadors. promotional material (informational posters and buttons) will be given to the offices to inform their patients of the issue and encourage them to visit the blood donation buses in the area.

4 4 copy.png

donation buses (action) :

city_bus copy.jpg

o.b.i.b. fund (action) :

people can purchase a t-shirt or donate directly to the cause at proceeds will go into the our blood is black (o.b.i.b.) fund. the fund allows one blood continue this work, and also helps sickle cell patients.

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