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hi, i'm kailee.

a copywriter and creative strategist* based in nyc.

raised by Jamaican parents, i quickly learned how to pick up on cultural nuance as a means of survival.

driven by my sagittarius sun/moon, i'm constantly searching...for insights, solutions, and ultimately truth.

born between the lines (proud zillenial here), i understand what it means to read between them...and even write them myself.

and as a Black woman, my identity is unapologetically woven into every story i tell.

tldr; 🧠✏️🌴🇯🇲♐️👽✊🏾

* i've been lucky enough to work and learn as both a creative and planner. this has afforded me a ton of perspective and a unique ability to approach creative projects in a way that's strategically rooted.

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