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can ads truly bridge  the health gap? 

A critical look at the impact of healthcare advertising in the Black community

abstract :

     The COVID-19 pandemic has acted as a catalyst for social movements, like Black Lives Matter, to reach a level of national and international awareness never seen before. These movements exposed the major health disparities within the Black American population. This ultimately led to an increase in public healthcare communications targeted specifically to the Black community. Whether these advertisements were put forth by government organizations, non-profits, general consumer advertising, or healthcare marketing agencies––there has been a major uptick in this kind of messaging. 

     This project examines the scope and efficacy of this trend through situational analysis and primary research. And finally, proposes a framework to improve efficacy and impact. First, by taking a detailed look at the origins of healthcare advertising, the industry’s current state, and its position for the future. Then, by conducting qualitative research from twenty (20) participants through focus groups and expert interviews, and quantitative research from fifty-three (53) participants through a survey questionnaire. Lastly, by presenting a creative brief that simultaneously champions a Black health issue and introduces the use of an “impact framework” that can be universally applied to future similar campaigns.

read the full report :

Our Blood is Black :

This research led to the creation of a campaign entitled: "Our Blood Is Black." This campaign takes into account the insights and case studies observed. Click below to view the campaign in full.

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