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thighstop : 

client - thighstop (aka wingstop)

ad - sean mcsherry,  cw - kailee needham

challenge :

we currently face a global wing shortage. so what does a chicken joint that specializes in wings do? inspiration lies in the next cut.

strategy :

data + insights :

thighs are an overlooked cut of the chicken. often considered something to chopped up or eaten together with other cuts, thighs have never been considered a center-of-the-plate item like wings have.


thighs are more nutritious, and jucier than their winged counterparts. there is more surface area on the meat for flavor distribution, and they are easier to hold. they also serve as more satisfying snack because you get more with every bite.

let's go all in on thighs and show wingstop fans how and why they should 'save a wing, and have a thigh' this summer.

case study  :

static ads  :


the iconic newspaper :

the debut ad where Rick Ross makes the announcement about thighs, opens on Ross reading a newspaper about the wing shortage. this was just a set prop filled with lorem ipsum filler copy. but the wingstop team thought why not  comemorate the success of thighstop by actually writing copy for the front page, printing it out, and framing it for the CEO to hang in his office? so that's what we did.

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