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*keep it real : 

client - burger king

context - young ones submission (integrated), 2021

*awards - creative conscience 2021; shortlist

challenge :

communicate that burger king's menu is now 100% real ingredients. use fresh language to cut through the sea of sameness claims + truly get consumers to think differently about bk quality.

insight :

strategy :

nicki minaj, cardi b, + megan thee stallion are known for speaking their truths, + never holding back. so when it comes to getting the word out about BK’s new menu, these are just the queens for the job.

when it comes to being transparent, authentic, + keeping it real, no one does it like hip hop artists. + no one tells it like it is, like female artists–aka the queens of rap.

case film  :

brand ambassadors :

nicki minaj, cardi b, + megan thee stallion will reign over three different food groups of the burger king menu. each food group paralleling the artists' personality + style.


storefront and menu ooh:

Screen Shot 2021-05-15 at 10.44.11

30 second video spot :

spotify integration :

unique targeted ads for spotify users that listen to the artists + a special curated spotify playlist featuring the queen's freshest tracks.

queen's cypher - ig live :

the queens will go head to head live on burger king’s instagram airing out of all their beef, and setting the record straight. this sets the stage for the small town cypher.


smalltown cypher - experiential :

bk will empower food deserts + small towns in need of fresh, healthy, accessible food. by hosting cyphers and establishing community refrigerators, bk will spotlight rising rap talent + equip these towns with the tools to make sure their diets are full of real ingredients.
the community will nominate local / upcoming artists, from which 5 artists will be selected to perform  at the cypher + featured on BK’s social platforms. the community refrigerators will be unveiled at the cyphers.

Screen Shot 2021-05-15 at 10.44.56
Screen Shot 2021-05-15 at 11.19.19
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