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raise your can : 

client - babe rose

context - student project, 2020

challenge :

raise awareness and purchases of babe rosé in major cities across the U.S. among women 21-35 that enjoy bubbles, brunch, socializing, etc. 

strategy :

insight :

but first, who are the kind of women that drink rose from a can? who are the babes?

wine momswine moms poured and sipped so babes could crack one open and chug.

wine moms may have raised our target, but the grape falls far from the vine. babes are the complete opposite of their predecessors. as millennial + gen z, they still love wine but they value 3 specific things: cost, convenience, + sustainability

appeal to the target by highlighting how babe canned rose provides these 3 benefits, while normal bottled wine does not.

"wine mom"...defined  :


manifesto :

Raise Your Can (2).png

print :


ooh :

celebrity partnership :

partner with p!nk for a special babe remix of her classic hit raise your glass.

audio spot + lyric video :

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