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*let's get sexuall : 

client - durex

context - d&ad new blood submission, 2020

ad - aditi sobti + maria diaz diaz, cw - kailee taija needham

*awards - creative conscience 2020; shortlist

challenge :

how can we elevate and empower people with disabilities as sexual beings without making them feel separated from everyone else?

strategy :

insight :

rebrand sex. by creating a conversation in the media that focuses on what sex looks like for everybody, the campaign will kick start a movement that normalizes sex and disability. a movement in which all bodies and all sex-kind are celebrated–no special treatment.

we all have sex. but because society’s perspective is filtered by the media, people with disabilities are left out of the narrative. namely, the kama sutra.

case film  :

manifesto :

book release :

let’s get sexuall: positions for everybody is a modern sex + intimacy guide inspired by the kama sutra. its colorful illustrations aim to highlight sex in all its forms. this coffee table book will be sold online at + at major retailers.​


website :

with a constant stream of fresh, new positions, this website will be home to the sexuall movement and will allow users to purchase the physical book.

social :

packaging :

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